About Us

A coupled run Sydney private escort agency.

Tell us what you dream of. Tell us what makes you feel good. Tell us what gets your heart racing. We’ll make it happen.

Beautiful and daring, our Empresses will lure you in with charm and conversation, with flirtation and seduction. Enjoy a fun day out on the town with her, or spend a sensual night behind closed doors – whatever it is, she’ll make it worth your while.

Whatever your fantasy is, our Empresses can make them come true. With their mesmerising beauty, irresistible charm and unbridled passion, you’re in for a night you won’t soon forget.

As we make your wildest dreams come to life, you can count on us to be discreet. Your secret’s safe with us.

Our Mission, Your Participation.

Black Rose Empress is an elite private escort agency owned and operated by Lilith and Lucius. Both born and raised in Sydney, Australia well educated and well travelled. We lead an adventurous life with various interests.

Our mission is to help everyone rejoice their want or desire for something so normal and needed – love and acceptance, by giving people a chance to feel less alone in the world.

Our vision is to be a global national company that sex workers and allies can depend on. Creating a safe and welcoming environment in the adult industry that supports sex education, love and mental well-being.

We believe no one should feel ashamed for wanting love, support and affection.
We are compassionate about the adult industry and love to satisfy peoples’ niche needs.
We lead with transparency to build trust.
We believe in the beauty of imperfections.
We strive in breaking the stigma of public views on beauty standard and sex work.