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The Essentials Needs for an Outcall Bag

What to bring for an Outcall? The contents of a women’s bag are things that she values in life. An escorts’ bag is a little more special than your everyday carry bag. Some may ponder in the question, what if I need a full suitcase of supplies or just a simple tote bag with a

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What defines beauty as a sex worker.

What defines beauty as a sex worker? I believe anyone can choose this line of work and I am here to debunk the nonsense. However, I do understand why men and women may ask themselves this question as we all have doubts and insecurities.  The reality is beauty is subjective. There is no such thing as

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That’s What Eve Said

Empress Eve’s Second Photo Shoot I just finished my second ever photo shoot today as an Empress. Today’s shoot was all reds, pinks and whites. I guess the management team felt I needed to show a bit of my more sensual side. Haha I tried my best, but sorry boys my naughty side can’t help shining

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