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General FAQ's

For the initial contact, the best way to make a booking is via call, text message or sending your request via the booking form.

We pride ourselves in delivering customer satisfaction.

If you have a certain service that you require, please let us know at the time of your booking. All Empresses offer different services, so to prevent any disappointment or surprises, please be open and frank when making your first initial enquiry.

Our escort bookings can be paid by cash, EFTPOS, and credit card. If you prefer not to disclose your details, cardless cash deposits are an option, too. We’ll just send you our details so you can make your deposit.

Please note that an additional surcharge will be charged for all credit card transactions. Credit card payments must be processed before your Empress is scheduled to arrive at your hotel

You get what you pay for. At Black Rose Empress, we believe in quality over quantity. Rest assured that what you see in the photos are 100% authentic and genuine.

Privacy and discretion are no doubt our number one priority when it comes to this industry, as we understand that every individual has their own unique life that they live and want to protect. We at Black Rose Empress would like to avoid any problems that may arise for you as a client, and also for the Empresses who are putting their lives at risk

A deposit is required to secure all bookings.

For security purposes, you will be further asked to present a photo ID along with your credit card/debit card to ensure a match between your photo ID and credit card/debit card.

Full payment via credit card and EFTPOS is required prior to your booking. We believe that if you want it, then you will pay for it.

Our Empresses are well-mannered, and we expect the same level of respect in return from their clients.

If paying via cash, we request that the service fee be enclosed in an unsealed envelope that you will present to your Empress upon her arrival.

Let’s get the business component over with quickly so you can both move on to much more exciting things.

Your desired Empress will be meeting you at your hotel room of choice. You may also choose to meet at a nice bar for pre-drinks or a restaurant for lunch or dinner to get accustomed to each other.

Our Empresses are used to high-class and elite status, so it wouldn’t hurt to spoil them a bit with a nice view from a classy hotel or a beautiful restaurant where you can wine and dine with them.

We assure you that Black Rose Empress will deliver as requested. We can 100% guarantee that we take our work very seriously and we as a team are built on integrity, respect and honour.

In the unlikely event that our Empress cannot provide the service, you may choose another Empress of your choice or request a full refund.

We at Black Rose Empress understand that life can sometimes be a slippery slope. Should you have no choice but to cancel, please try your best to give us as much notice as possible. Our Empress will be very appreciative if you do, as they clear their schedule to be with you, not to mention spend time and money preparing themselves to satisfy you.

Perhaps next time when you see our Empress again, come bearing gifts? She will most definitely appreciate it.

At Black Rose Empress, we do not discriminate against anyone. In some circumstances however, our ladies may not feel comfortable providing their services to certain people due to their history, past experience, or morals. That is up to our Empresses’ discretion.

An outcall is when an escort meets you predominantly at Hotels and Serviced Apartments. Should you wish to meet our Empress at your private residence, you will need prior approval from our management. This is a security policy we follow to protect both you and our Empresses.

In a GFE, your Empress will make you feel as if you have been dating her for a long time. Like a girlfriend, she will flirt with you, tease you, and charm you with her intelligence, charisma and wisdom.

With the GFE, you’ll be able to book an Empress not only for intimacy in bed, but also for a day or night out, a lunch date or even a trip to the movies or amusement parks.

Our Empresses are chosen according to very strict criteria. They won’t be shy or awkward, and they will know exactly what to do and how to lead into intimate situations. There will be no clock-watching or hurriedness when you spend time with an Empress.

We would love your feedback on how our Empress did. We are open-minded and we welcome your honest opinion so we can improve and continue to provide you with that elite Empress standard. We would most definitely pass your feedback onto the Empresses. It would also help us serve you in your future appointments, as it would allow us to understand and satisfy your needs better.

Gifts are always welcome, so make sure you remember what type of chocolate or flowers she likes for your next appointment!

If you would like to send us feedback, feel free to contact us directly via email, text or phone call.

The Rendezvous

Please have the correct fee ready for your escort to receive in an enclosed envelope.
If you have made prior full payment, please allow time for your escort to verify you.
Have your ID and credit card ready and present them to her so she can verify accordingly.
Once she has cleared the business side of things, her time and attention is all yours.

Please be aware your escort will perform a visual inspection health check. This is for your safety, theirs and the safety of all of our clients.
She will request to shower together to not only clean up, but also to get acquainted with each other intimately.

Being considerate, warm with a good sense of humour goes a long way in making a connection with your chosen companion. Our escorts goes through great lengths to see you so please be polite, respectful and charming. They love to be pampered and spoiled!
A true a gentleman will treat her like the Empress she is. In return, she’ll make you feel like royalty.

Please refrain from asking personal questions as this may make your escort feel uncomfortable. In due time, when your escort feels comfortable, she may reveal more about herself to you. Respect her boundaries
At Black Rose Empress, we value our Empress’ safety above all else, so let’s avoid any embarrassing moments. Please refrain from asking for her phone number or to meet with her in private – there are dating forums for that.
If you do not respect her rights and this disclaimer, Black Rose Empress will assume the rights to refuse any future bookings from you to meet with our escorts.

Let’s avoid the awkwardness and embarrassment.

Like with every first date, make sure you wash up and groom as hygiene is a very important factor – it is up to our Empress’ discretion if she would like to proceed with the appointment

We’re afraid no contact can be made directly with our Empress as their work is supported and represented by us as an agency. This is to avoid any unrelated communication and time spent on anyone besides their chosen companion during an appointment.

Be rest assured that the Empress will not be taking any calls or texts related to any other arrangement during her time with you. All arrangements are done by us at Black Rose Empress, so when you meet up with your Empress, that time she is available to you is exclusively yours.

If you have any questions that need clarification, please don’t hesitate to message us, and we will pass on the message to her.

Becoming An Empress

At Black Rose Empress, we believe in genuine and hardworking individuals who are in this industry through passion.

We’re looking for smart, interesting, go-getting women with great personalities and who love a good conversation.

We are not prejudiced towards any race, ethics, religion or age.

We do not promote any drug use.

Industry experience is not required. Training and guidance will be provided.

Our vetting process is quite hard, as we look out for ladies who are willing to strive, be open-minded, and put in the effort as we would for them.

If you feel that you could be a part of our family, please speak with us.

Are you kidding? We love women of all shapes and sizes! Don’t be shy and speak with us.

You never know, the right gentleman who wants to love you for who you are could be one click away.

Anyone who says you aren’t beautiful just hasn’t learnt to love themselves yet.

If you’re interested but are unsure, please do not hesitate to give us a call or shoot us an email.

We are always happy to help and guide you through whatever journey you would like to take with us.

The adult industry is our passion. It is one of the oldest professions in the world. Furthermore, it does not only provides the bonus of intimacy in the bedroom but also helps improve mental health and inner health.

We would love to see more ladies be part of it!

Like with any job, what you put in is what you get out. Our team at Black Rose Empress works day and night to give you the best experience in the industry. You could earn from $400 to $3000 a week, depending on you!

Meet Lucius and Lilith.

We are a couple that has been in the industry and has seen both the good and the bad in it. We’ve made it a goal to help those who need help or are looking to make money, as well as to change the public image of sex workers. We can guarantee you that we will not push or force you to do anything you are not comfortable with, unlike other establishments.

Lucius has been in the security industry for many years. A deep knowledge of safety, precautions, and procedures has been embedded into him. Lucius understands that everyone has someone that they care for at home waiting for them. He will do his best to get you home safe and sound