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Empress Eve’s Second Photo Shoot

I just finished my second ever photo shoot today as an Empress. Today’s shoot was all reds, pinks and whites. I guess the management team felt I needed to show a bit of my more sensual side. Haha I tried my best, but sorry boys my naughty side can’t help shining through 😉

I’m not sure who will get the most enjoyment out of these pics to be honest. You viewing them or me modelling for them.

There’s something about posing for pics in skimpy lingerie that really gets me excited. The thought of men like you seeing my pics… the ability to get dressed in pretty things… arching my back… sticking out by breasts and the feel of the fabric on my bare nipples underneath…

I do get a little shy in front of the camera from time to time though. But then there is something about those nerves that is a little arousing too…. Maybe I just get turned on too easily… Haha if there is such a thing as that.

Anyway, you’ll have to let me know what you think when they are released on the Black Rose Empress Instagram page @blackroseempressau

What now?

In the meantime, please head over and enjoy the shots from my first shoot and keep an eye out for some behind the scene shots that they’ll probably be sharing there soon. Or maybe you should just book some time with me and I can show you what I wore in person? And I promise I’ll show you a good time 😉

Black Rose Empress was only recently launched as the newest high class escort agency on the block and I’m so excited to be one of their first Empresses. I’m looking forward to meeting some new clients and hopefully making some regular ones too.

Will that be you?

Empress Eve xx

Click here to view Empress Eve’s gallery of temptation.

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