The Essentials Needs for an Outcall Bag

What to bring for an Outcall?

The contents of a women’s bag are things that she values in life. An escorts’ bag is a little more special than your everyday carry bag. Some may ponder in the question, what if I need a full suitcase of supplies or just a simple tote bag with a few items to outcalls?

From conversing with the Black Rose Empress family, our Empresses truly empathizes how intimidating it can be when figuring things out, especially for girls who are new in the industry or seeking a lending hand.

To put it bluntly, people would prefer to reserve their knowledge rather than share what they know to help others. Luckily in this industry I have the pleasure in working alongside with supportive women who are willing to assist fellow peers in their professional endeavour.

The key in choosing what’s important in your outcall bag is to consider the necessities that are essential, compact and diverse for the type of work that you’ll be doing. Fundamentally, it should have everything you need for the rendezvous to ensure you and your client are satisfied.

Here’s the list from our Empresses.

The outcall bags to consider

  • A compartment-filled tote – Easy to organise and has enough hidden areas.
  • A handy crossbody – Simple and versatile for a few essentials.
  • A duffle bag – Plenty of room. Great for fitting in half of your life in one bag.
  • A suitcase – For touring purposes or packing light isn’t something you can do.

Find what works for you because everyone has different preferences!

Items that are deemed essential

Phone, keys and cardholders

Ideally, these are considered essential but some sex workers do not wish to bring their identification with them.

E.g., driver’s license or credit cards are left at home during outcalls. Since times has changed because of COVID 19, some hotels may ask for some sort of identification to enter the premises.

Possibly look into having your license ID online to avoid bringing it physically?

Condoms, Dental Dams and Lubricants

It’s better to not assume and it’s important to come prepared. Bring at least 3 different sizes of condoms!

Keep a couple of dental dams handy for oral sex. Nifty sheets you put between the mouth and your lady bits and for some rim play.

Use water-based or silicone-based lube to prevent breakage.

Lubricants that come in 100ml size are usually versatile for all bags. Plus, it’s more than enough to conserve the fun.

Wet wipes

A must have. Very useful for wiping up cum stains, removing makeup or to quickly freshen up instead of taking a shower before leaving.

Mouthwash and breath mints

Take a couple of breath mints after dinner and before the steamy session with your client.
If your appointment is for a long duration/overnight or you’re strongly self-conscious about your breath, I highly suggest mouthwash readily available.
It helps fight against unwanted odors and contains antiseptic to kill the bacteria growing in the mouth and on the tongue.

Small Make Up Kit 

A friend of mine would rock the natural “no makeup” look. Her kit would include a tinted lip balm, CC cream, blush and mascara. These products are travel friendly and takes minimal time in application. Less is more, right? Also carry a small vile of perfume, deodorant and nail file just in case.

Comb and Hair Elastics
  1. Keeps hair from being wet in your shower together.
  2. Saves time from blow drying and creates an easy hair up do after ruffling under the sheets.
    Ladies, if you have short hair, a few side swipes of bobby pins will give a timeless classic hairstyle for when you leave the hotel. 😉
Deodorant Spray Can

Carrying pepper spray is illegal in most Australian states, including NSW.

Schedule 1 of the Weapons Prohibition Act 1998

BUT…allegedly there is a story in there…

Spare clothes

Keep it simple! A couple lace lingerie or outfits you know are easy to pack. If a client has requested certain outfits that’s not in your wardrobe, make sure it aligns how much energy you will have to prepare for the bedroom.

Bottled water

Dispensable, convenient and within reach to quench your thirst. Our girls usually pack 2x 250ml Nu Pure spring water, it’s Australian owned and 100% recycled plastic.

Sex toys

Totally optional but if it’s requested by a client, our Empresses suggests to bring a small compact vibrator that fits nicely in a small bag.

Disposable gloves and hand sanitizer

Something most girls don’t think about to pack! The gloves will ensure protection from screening clients when you’re examining their body and for when cleaning toys. Do change gloves if they are torn or very dirty.

Hand sanitizer to stay safe from germs. Why not?

What the Empresses don’t recommend

Toothbrush and toothpaste

I know this can certainly turn off a few people, especially after having a meal with your client. You’re self-conscious about your breath and things are about to get frisky for the night.

Use mouthwash and breath mints as an alternative!

Brushing your teeth will cause micro cuts and abrasion to your gums. If there are signs of bleeding, this may prevent you and your client from continuing the fun.
Better to be safe than sorry as no one would want to contract something they never had before.

Using your client’s condoms and lube

I understand most clients are thoughtful and considerate enough to provide their own but their stash is not reliable.

Firstly, it’s unprofessional and will undermine your standard of work. Also, there is always a high risk in not knowing whether the client’s lube and condoms are expired, punctured or do not agree with your cooch.

I hope this list is extensive enough for you to help prepare for your outcall meets!

Until next time,
Lilith x

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