What defines beauty as a sex worker.

What defines beauty as a sex worker?

I believe anyone can choose this line of work and I am here to debunk the nonsense. However, I do understand why men and women may ask themselves this question as we all have doubts and insecurities. 

The reality is beauty is subjective. There is no such thing as “ugly” or “unattractive” in the adult industry.

I can only safely assume you may have browsed around to find an abundance of majestic beings and have compared yourself to them of being worthy enough.

Don’t worry, I’m guilty too! In truth, these people are the same people you find at the shopping centre, going for walks with their fur babies or simply ordering a cup of coffee at your local café. 

In my opinion, there is zero difference of beauty in those within the industry and those are not.

I must admit, I reflected more on myself and appreciated what I have learnt from people in escorting.

Especially from the most successful ones I’ve had the pleasure to meet that are not “traditionally attractive” who are smart, charismatic, humorous and driven to live a purposeful life like most people won’t.

What I have discovered

To be in this industry what you need is presence; hone you own version of “SEXY” and a personality that makes you “YOU”. 

We now live in a society where the idea of beauty is always shifting, so however you look like, whatever kind of body you were gifted with – YOU ARE SOMEONE’S TYPE.

We were not created to be the same but a diversity of identities. A genuine client will pay for your unique self, energy and service.

Everyone has the own taste or niche – it’s the connection people are seeking. 

The only person you’ll ever have your entire life is you, and if you fall in love with yourself – you will have an easier time.

The value you possess will help you understand what type of clients you want to attract and what you ultimately desire in life.

There will always be a negative Nancy or Neil who only go out of their way to say negative things in others.

Know your value and don’t accept being treated in a way less than you deserve!  

Anyone who says you aren’t beautiful, hasn’t learnt to love themselves yet

Signing off with an inspiring reminder: 

“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.” – Mahatma Gandhi 


Until next time,
Lilith x 

#LoveMyself #IAmGoodEnough #SelfCare 

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